DVDs For Daily Workouts

We all want ways to incorporate the gym into our lives. Whether you prefer low impact routines which can be easily repeated or full-body workouts that have limited time the right DVD could make all the difference.

Denise Austin’s DVD includes 12 minutes of workout that targets different areas of the body daily. Each segment is designed to be done individually or in a sequence to give complete body workout. It’s a great alternative for beginners my review here who want to ease into a workout program, or for those who are already active and looking to increase their stamina and strength.

The trainer who made her name on NBC’s The Biggest Loser makes a bold promise: “Eliminate fat.” This three-DVD program, which includes two 10-minute workouts that will make you sweat. But don’t worry if you think this isn’t the best level for you; each session has easier alternatives for those who don’t have the strength to perform the more challenging moves.

74-year-old Jane Fonda’s beyond-cheesy music and Richard Simmons-style headband may be a bit off-putting however her workouts are efficient. She follows the same routines that she uses in her most popular workouts–such as upper and lower body isometric exercises, as well as exercises with hand weights. She is a good example of the correct form throughout.

A recent study by a University of Washington Professor found that the use of models in this DVD revealed flaws in the body, and that a lot of women’s bodies were not properly covered. This DVD includes a 30-day healthy eating plan, and worksheets to help you reflect on your own.

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